Triumph Trident Rob North (Wenco) framed triple
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Comparison photo of the bike taken in 1981 when owned/raced by Jack Wilson of Big D Cycle.  Jack used a
Triumph 750 twin engine with 8-valve head (TSS) to compete in 'Battle of the Twins' class at that time.
Note the 16" front Morris Magnesium wheel, 18" rear wheel, both with massive slicks on them.  
Also of interest is the 13" front Kosman disk brake (does anybody have a spare one of these?)
(period photos courtesy of Alan Cathcart)
Right side with fairing lower removed
The narrow 750 twin engine allowed the use of a Yamaha TZ750 fairing, which was more aerodynamic.
Photo of Jon Minonno (left) and Jack Wilson (right) with the bike.
The front view gives a better appreciation of just how wide the front tire is.
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