2007 Racing Season Preparations
With the first race of
the season this year
scheduled to be at
Daytona, I spent
some time in the
garage preparing the
I drained the oil on
the Trident a month
before the race and
this is what came out.
 Quite a bit of bronze
material.  Time for a
A teardown of the engine showed the cause of the metal.  The drive side connecting rod had worn
through its white metal lining and the bearing was being chewed up!  The conrod bearings had also
ovaled and did not remain in their keepers when off of the crankshaft.
The engine teardown
also reveled other
crimes against
mismatched parts!  
In this case two
early-style pushrods
(which utilized a
smaller rocker ball
radius) in a later
engine.  The forces
broke the cups apart
and was the most
likely cause of
bearing desruction.
A picture of the shop, late at night, getting the engine out and apart.
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